Fragrance List


ABALONE & SEA: A fresh ocean scent with notes of daylily, sea spray, watery floral and musk. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

AMAZING AMETHYST: Exotic sandalwood dashed with light floral. Bergamot intertwined with this offers a sensual scent that whispers sweet nothings. Beautiful scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

APPLE BLOSSOM: The delicate and sweet smell of apple blossoms surround you with an intoxicating aroma of standing in an apple orchard.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

APPLE JACK & PEEL: Apple & spices with a sweet background. (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

APPLE ORCHARD: Juicy gala apples just picked and fresh from the orchard. Simply, a delicious treat! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

APRIL SHOWERS: A sweet, fresh scent that includes a blend of ozone and sweet flower house blooms. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap) 

AUTUMN APPLES: An autumn scent of sweet juicy apples and savory oak make a lovely and unique fall fragrance.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

BABY POWDER: So true to the first, fresh & gentle scent ever put on baby! This soft powdery scent makes a perfect gift for the mommy-to-be!  (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

BALSAM: A brisk and outdoorsy blend of blue spruce and balsam fir.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

BAMBOO: Bright and fresh bamboo essence mixed with good for you green tea.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

BAMBOO MUSK: A harmony of scents including bergamot and lemon, delicately balanced with a base of Ylang and soft musk notes. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

BANANA NUT BREAD: Warm & nutty, just like Grandma's fresh baked bread out of the oven. Topped off with chopped walnuts for a delicious banana nut bread fragrance.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

BAY RUM: Fresh essence of bay leaves with the bright enjoyment of orange peel and zest. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Men's Cologne)

BAYBERRY: Bayberry is a classic fresh winter fragrance and a traditional scent for the holiday season. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Tea Lights)

BLACK AMBER MUSK: A wonderful deep scent created by mixing black amber, clove, nutmeg, and musk. A beautiful fragrance!  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

BLACK CHERRY: A hearty fragrance of the black cherry fruit at peak ripeness.  (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

BLACK TIE: Kaffir lime, lemon, and ozone notes;  followed by middle notes of basil, black pepper, and cucumber;  sitting on base notes of vetiver and spice. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Men's Cologne) 

BLUEBERRY COBBLER: Delicious fresh picked blueberries smothered in sauce with a touch of sweet buttery crust. A great scent!  (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH: Just like the buttercream frosting on a cupcake. A sweet creamy vanilla.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

BUTTERSCOTCH: Granules of pure white sugar crystals are folded into divine swirls of golden butter and sweet, thick cream to create this irresistible classic pudding treat! (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

CACTUS & SEA SALT: Green, watery cactus accords mingle with fresh ozone sea salt in this unique, clean fragrance combination.(Products: 5oz Candle Jar, Clamshell Tarts, Soap)         

CAPPUCCINO: A sweet, frothy Italian coffee treat! This scent has been with me since I started making candles. A favorite with customers in the coffee mug. I put a frothy top on it and add some wax coffee beans. Cute!  (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

CARIBBEAN COCONUT: A crisp tropical treasure fallen from the palm tree! Makes you think of laying on a beach while getting the perfect island tan! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

CASHMERE: Sensual, with exotic spice notes, this sexy fragrance has notes of saffron, pimento berries, white pepper, and a lovely blend of floral, patchouli, and vanilla. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Body Spritz/Spray)

CHAMOMILE is a wonderful aroma of freshly picked chamomile flowers with hints of fresh green herbs. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

CHERRY: When I was a little girl I loved opening the jar of cherries and eating them. This smells just like those cherries I used to sneak!  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

CHERRY BLOSSOM: An oriental and sensual scent that is a well-rounded blend of pink Japanese cherry blossoms and fragrant mimosa flower petals, with warm base notes of vanilla, Tonka bean, and oriental woods. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap, Fluffy Soap Soufflé, Body Spritz/Spray)

CINNAMON BUN: Warm cinnamon sticky bun drizzled with sweet white frosting. This scent has been a favorite with customers since I've been making candles. In the fall I make hand rolled cinnamon buns that are great on a plate for decor or for burning.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

CINNAMON STICK: A very strong cinnamon with pronounced woody notes. Just like a natural cinnamon stick! I've tried many cinnamon fragrance oils and this one was a best seller for me. It's the only straight cinnamon scent I use now.  (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Tea Light Candles)

CLASS & ELEGANCE: An elegant fragrance made with top notes of ylang ylang and neroli, middle notes of rose and jasmine, and base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

CLEAN LAUNDRY: Fresh scent reminiscent to laundry hanging out to dry in a light summer breeze. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

COCONUT LIME: A great tropical scent made by combing two favorite summer treats. Fresh lime wedges sprinkled with shredded coconut. Yum!  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

COOKIES & CREAM PIE: Rich cookie dough blended with milk chocolate chips, vanilla, brown sugar and a hint of rum. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

COTTON CANDY: Smells like warm spun sugar I used to eat at the circus when I was a little girl. Then I ate it at the circus with my boys. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

COUNTRY BUMPKIN: A wonderful complex blend of apples, candied yams, marshmallows, sweet cream butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, crushed cinnamon bark and fresh cloves. Bring the country home to you.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles)

COUNTRY CLOTHESLINE: A clean bouquet of freshly dried fabric softener, fresh air, citrus zest, violet leaf, star jasmine and oakmoss.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

COURAGEOUS: An exotic aquatic scent that is crisp and clean. A very sophisticated manly spa type scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Men's Cologne)

CRANBERRY: This is cranberry with an exclamation point! Very strong and crisp, with just the right touch of apple to sweeten it lightly. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

CRANBERRY RELISH: For those of you who are looking for a wonderful fresh, tart cranberry, Here it is!  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles)

CREAMY VANILLA SUGAR: A light sweet aroma with a combination of delectable vanilla and sugar. Sweet and creamy vanilla blended superbly with the warmth of mild musk. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

CREME BRULE: A buttery creamy bouquet with a rich vanilla background.  (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts)

CUCUMBER MELON: A blend of wild watermelon, cucumber and honeydew creates this incredibly fresh & fun fragrance! Cucumber melon is one of our original starting fragrances and is still loved by many people. This is not only a summertime favorite but is popular all year.  (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

CUPCAKE: The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of rum and lots of buttery icing. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

DARK KISSES: Berries, tempting blooms, sensual incense and night musk for this daring and seductive fragrance. It is a modern tale of forbidden love that will unleash your most primal passions.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

DESIRE: This is a deep exotic fragrance of citrus and floral sitting on bottom notes of vanilla, vetyver, and musk.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts,  Soap)

DIRT: Clean and fresh smell of dirt after a rain. A great scent for people who love nature and earthy scents. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

DOGWOOD: A sweet floral blend of violets, jasmine, and plumeria with an undertone of soft musk and sandalwood. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

DOODLE BUG: A combination of sweets reminiscent to the aroma of bubble gum. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

DUDE TALK: Manly and seductive describes this spicy dark scent. A blend of fresh lemon and bergamot softened with hints of orange tree blossom and warmed with soothing guaiac wood, and tonka bean.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Men's Cologne)

EARTH: A very earthy scent that resembles nag champa. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

ENGLISH TOFFEE: Buttery sweet, crunchy toffee candy! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

EVERYTHING SPICE: A robust blend of spices such as cinnamon, clove and nutmeg accented by orange and vanilla. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Tea Lights)

EXOTIC LEATHER: A fresh dark masculine scent with no floral notes. Top notes are green and fresh, made of grassy notes of artemisia, basil and thyme, with spicy notes of cumin, coriander and cloves. The heart is strong and masculine as conifer woods, decorated with notes of patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver. The base contains leather, tobacco and thyme. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Men's Cologne)

FAITH: A feminine fragrance with fruit and floral balanced with a touch of green to give it an exotic scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

FIERCE: Fresh citrus and musk combined together offering a rugged manly scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

FIRESIDE: A blend of cinnamon sticks, cinnamon leaf, clove and Tonka bean.  (Products: 4.5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts)

FIRST SNOW: Blend of mint, jasmine, and pine. This fragrance has been with me since I started making candles. A best seller for Christmas and all winter. Customers wait for this to hit the shelves in fall. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

FRANKINCENSE & MYHRR: A classic Christmas blend, used in many churches. These are some of the holy gifts that were given to the baby Jesus by the three wise men. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

FREESIA: A lush, bright freesia with hints of muguet and white musk. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

FRESH GINGER LIME: A cocktail of bright ginger, sparkling lime, orange and fresh apple mingle together creating a delicious treat. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

FROSTED CRANBERRY: Deeply delcious cranberries are flavorfully kissed with winter frost and rich, velvet plum. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

FUDGE: Chocolate anyone? This is full of warm, rich, milk chocolate that is decadent and yummy. So enjoy life and indulge in one of the finer things - chocolate. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

GEORGIA PEACH: As rich and juicy as the juiciest peach picked straight from the tree in the Georgia Peach orchard.(Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

GINGER & WHITE TEA:  A lovely tea scent with ginger added for a delightful and delicious combination. A warm and comforting scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Tea Light Candles)

GINGERBREAD: A perfect holiday treat! A richly spiced gingerbread with just the right hint of sweetness. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

GOJI BERRY BLISS: Sweet berry blend of blackberry, goji berry, loganberry and gooseberry with accents of Valencia orange, vanilla cream and sugar musk. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

GRANDMA'S KITCHEN: A baking fragrance of spiced cookies and other spices and fruits. A wonderful fragrance. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

GREEN APPLE: Green, peely notes subtly soften the pervading sweetness of crisp ripe green apples. (Products: Soap, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

GUAVA FIG: A baking fragrance of spiced cookies and other spices and fruits. A wonderful fragrance. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

HARVEST: The perfect fall scent taking you back to the wash board days with a hint of pumpkin, cinnamon, and other baking spices. Just a bit of sweet cream mellows this to perfection. (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts)

HAWAIIAN BLISS: An exotic fragrance from a great combination of orchids, jasmine and gardenia entwined with white blossoms. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

HIBISCUS & THAI PALM: Green Palm leaves gently wrap around a floral bouquet of hibiscus, rose and muguet to create this intoxicating floral. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

HONEY SHEA: Fresh and herbal green shea nuances mingle with fruit tree blossom, soft musk and golden honey to create this delicate and gentle scent - both nourishing and restorative to the senses. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

HONEYSUCKLE: A lovely floral fills the air while driving down a back road with your windows open and fresh honeysuckle bursting with fragrance drowns you. So lovely and nice! (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

HOT APPLE PIE: Just the right blend of warm apples, spices and that home baked pie crust smell. An American classic! (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)  **May be labeled "Baked Apple Pie"**

HOT BUTTERED RUM: When I a little girl I loved eating the buttered rum lifesavers. This smells exactly like they tasted. This is so yummy! (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

HOT COCOA: A delicious scent of hot chocolate. An absolute fall and winter favorite. Sweet, creamy, and chocolaty. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

ICED GRAPEFRUIT COOKIES: This has proven to be a great soap and tart fragrance with my customers. A lovely citrus grapefruit topped with a slight sweetness from buttercream frosting. (Products: Clamshell Tarts) 

IMAGINE: Sandalwood earth tones highlighted by moss, clove, and sweet fig. Full bodied, sensuous and complex with a touch of ocean. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

ISLAND ESCAPE: A medley of vanilla orchid, midnight blackberry, and sun-drenched clementine serve up a dark sensuous scent. Very lovely! (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

ISLAND PARADISE: A fun and refreshing blend of crushed mint leaves, iced sugar cane, lemon slices, sparkling pomelo and mandarin zest. One of my best selling fragrances. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

KISS & TELL:  Aromatic floral with notes of purple passion are an exquisite combination for the girl with attitude ♥  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Body Spritz/Spray) 

LAVISH: A fresh revolutionary scent with an aromatic citrus combined with green notes. Refreshing. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Body Spritz/Spray) 

LEMON ZINGER: A wonderful lemon that differs from the regular lemon in that it's more like the zest of a lemon. It has a wonderful scent throw and is proving to be a great selling fragrance, but it is not the strong "sour" you get in the plain lemon scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

LILAC: The sweet smell of lilac bushes blooming is a sure sign that spring is here! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

MADAGASCAR FLARE: An alluring blend of spicy clove and black pepper with fresh top notes of orange. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

MANGO COCONUT: This magnificent island aroma bursts with scents of fresh mango and coconut shavings. Sweet undertones of sugared musk blend to complete this tropical paradise. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

MANGO PAPAYA: Mango plus papaya; they are just a perfect match. This packs a powerful punch of fruit fragrance that smells so much like summer. Very nice fragrance. (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

MANGO & PEACH: This has luscious tones of fruit which are blended with warm spicy accents in this tempting creation. Bright citrus notes of tangerine balance with fresh cherry for the tangy top note. A heart of ripe peach mingles with strawberry, as hints of spice add delightful texture to the blend. Floral undertones are enveloped in a clean musk base to complete the fruit sensation. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

MISTLETOE KISS: A mixture of fruit (Raspberries, Lemons, and more) and pine to make a great Christmas. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

MONKEY FARTS: A juicy fruit medley of peach, strawberry, pineapple, coconut and orange blended with creamy vanilla and an exotic musk. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

MOONLIGHT WALK: A walk under the moonlight begins with top notes of delicate pink rose and Asian jasmine. Enhanced with soft violets. Lingering base notes of sweet musk enhanced by unique woodsy notes. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

MORNING GLORY & HONEYSUCKLE: Lovely floral combination of two fragrant flowers. Blooming honeysuckle with sweet drops intermingle with the morning glory beauty. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

MOROCCAN MINT: A bright tantalizing mint that is cool crisp and refreshing. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

MOUNTAIN PEAK: High mountain fresh evergreens with an added touch of sophistication that includes cinnamon, clove and other warm spices. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

MULBERRY: A classic mulberry scent loved by so many people during the winter months. (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

NEROLI: A captivating and intoxicating orange blossom aroma. This is not a sweet orange scent but is a tad bitter like the blossom of an orange. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

NOSTALGIC BEACH: A fresh citrus scent with ozone, amber, musk, and powder notes. Invigorating and warm scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

Red oak, cedar wood and musk blend
Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Clary Sage, Aldehydes, Juniper berry
Mid Notes: Geranium, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Clove, Nutmeg, Pimento (Allspice), Oak
Dry Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk, Coffee (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

OATMEAL, MILK & HONEY: This is a very natural smelling blend that's heavy on the oatmeal and has just the right sweet touch of honey. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

OBSESSED: This is a very complex scent combined with vanilla and fruit notes on top of greens and spices. Completely set apart by topping it off with vetiver. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

OCEAN MIST: A brisk ocean type scent, clean and refreshing. Ocean Mist is one of my original scent s I started with in 2001. It has been a favorite all year long with my customers. This is strong and clean! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

OLIVE BLOSSOM: Very sophisticated upscale and spa-like. Mediterranean warmth with this medley of crisp orange and olive leaf infused with green grass and ozone. Oakmoss, vanilla, and sandalwood intermingle with it to give that spa appeal.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

OMG OLIVE: A bright citrus scent made of lemon and bergamot intertwined with leafy olive branches softened with musk and sweetened ever so lightly with vanilla. (Products: Clamshell Tarts) 

ORANGE CREAM VANILLA: Juicy orange blended with vanilla bean and sugar. Delicious and compelling mixture that tantalizes your love of a creamy orange dreamsicle. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

ORIENT SPA: A sensual blend of lotus petals, amber, exotic musk and creamy vanilla with hints of lemon and mandarin orange. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Body Spritz/Spray)

PARADISE: A sweet floral aroma with base notes of fresh fruits and vanilla. A tropical floral paradise with this amazing scent.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

PEACHY TANGERINE: Sparkling tangerine blended with fresh juicy peach slices in this delicious fruit fragrance. An exotic infusion of peaches and tangerines. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

PEONY: The aroma of large pink peony flowers cascading down the luscious greenery. Pure elegance! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

PEPPERBERRY: A hint of orange accents this holiday blend. Woody tones of fresh cedar and Siberian fir balance with winter berries at the heart of the fragrance. Crisp green notes and warm spicy tones create dimension within the blend, as velvet moss is sweetened with musk at the base of the scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)  

PEPPERMINT: Fill your home with this wonderful spicy peppermint. Great scent anytime. (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Lights, Soap)

PERFECT PUMPKIN: Sweet Autumn pumpkin topped with the perfect touch of cinnamon and clove. Sweet sugary maple adds the finishing touch to this fabulous fall fragrance. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

PIKAKE FLOWERS: Traditional to using in the making of leis in Hawaii. A special blend duplicates the lovely floral scent. It's beautiful! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

**NEW** PINK BERRY MIMOSA: A playful and luscious mix of fresh sun-ripened berries, fresh citrus peel, and sparkling pink moscato. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

PINK GIRL: A warm sweet strawberry scent is a piece of heaven offered with this lovely fragrance. By adding some vanilla and musk if gives a wonderful twist to sweet sugar. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

PLUMERIA: Your senses are sure to fall in love with this burst of refreshment! A sweet floral fragrance with tropical influence, Plumeria blossoms mix with just a hint of ripe melon. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

POMEGRANATE CIDER: Bottom notes of vanilla and raspberry blend with mid notes of pomegranate, ripe harvest apple, and cinnamon, with top notes of ginger, orange, and zesty lime. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

PUMPKIN CHAI: Creamy vanilla forms a base for fresh pumpkin and spicy notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, blended with creamy milk to create this luscious fragrance. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles)

PUMPKIN CRUNCH CAKE: Pumpkin cake with spices sprinkled throughout and drizzled with rich sweetened condensed milk. Melted butter and pecans on top finish it off to be a master piece. This is very delicious! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles)

QUEENS: A zesty scent with nuances of wood and amber mingling with floral and citrus. Lovely and enticing scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts) 

RADIANT: A rich bouquet of fresh flowers dripping with drops of rain. A delightful sheer floral created from delicate flowers, exotic flowers and rare flowers. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

RAIN: A fresh, light rain scent with a floral undertone. This scent has been with me from the time I started making candles. Loved all year round by many people. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

RAINFOREST: Jasmine, Floral, Citrus, and Light Woods are a combination that present themselves well as a sophisticated spa-like aroma. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

RASPBERRIES-N-CREAM: Sweet juicy berries just off the vine with fresh sweet cream smothering them. A delicious treat that's hard to pass up. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE: A sweet and delicious treat made with sun-ripened berries on top of cheesecake. Mmmmm! (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

RASPBERRY LEMONADE: Sun ripened Raspberries combined with tangy, fresh squeezed Lemons. A zesty and tangy aroma. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

RATTLE SNAKE GRASS: Naturally fresh leafy greens showered with sweet orange flowers for an explosive aroma! (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

SANDALWOOD & MUSK: Sophistication in a unisex fragrance combined with two fragrances that are great as stand alones. Musk and sandalwood is a perfect match and no doubt is a winner on many levels. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Men's Cologne)

SANDS OF MOROCCO: Floral meets spices for this alluring fragrance. A classic carnation dances with sandalwood and musk and the outcome is invigorating. This is new and I'm sure will be a top seller. Very nice! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Men's Cologne)

SEA BREEZE: A very light, clean, airy scent. Many water fragrances have a wake-me-up ozone top note; this one is more of a tropical undertone. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

SEA MINERALS: A refreshing blend of ocean breeze and apple peel with cool notes of blue lotus and eucalyptus and refreshing touches of sea botanicals and sandalwood. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

SEASIDE COTTON: My seaside cotton fragrance begins with fresh ozone marine notes which blend nicely with romantic base notes of sheer musk and amber. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

SERENDIPITY: A brilliant and lovey scent of orange, nutmeg, spices, and woody undertones. (Products: Clamshell Tarts) 

SMOOTH SAILING: A relaxing scent of floral, citrus and spicy vanilla. Exotic scent that  is soft and lovely. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Body Spritz/Spray)

SPEARMINT: Fresh, cool Spearmint with a hint of smooth Wintergreen. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

SPICE THYME: The aroma of bayberries and apples with a base note of fresh pine needles and thyme, with a top note of freshly ground cinnamon bark. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Tea Light Candles)

SPICED CIDER: Fresh ground cinnamon generously sprinkled over tasty hot apple cider. Allspice, fresh clove bud and drips of Vermont maple complete this flavorful treat. The scent of hot spiced cider warms the soul. (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts)    **May be labeled "Mulled Cider"**

STARRY NIGHT: The top is a woody citrus blend of bergamot, cedar wood and orange blossom. The heart combines lily, chamomile, labdanum, ylang, patchouli, violet and spicy clove. The base is sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

STRAWBERRY JAM: After a morning at the strawberry patch picking red juicy berries is a great time to make your jam. Fresh with bright green tops and often covered with morning dew. The sweetness is delectable and pleasing to the palette. A sure summer pleasing fragrance for anyone who loves the sweet things in life. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

SUGAR COOKIE: The sweetest member of the vanilla family, and a best seller all year round! This rich, full bodied fragrance is sure to make you want to bake! (Products: 5oz Candle, Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

SUGARED FIGS: Rich brown sugar blended with sweet ripe figs. A wonderful lovely mix that is suitable all year long.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

SUN & SAND: Fresh orange sweetens the heart of blooming jasmine and shimmering orange flower as warm woods surround the summer floral accord with warmth.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

SUNFLOWER: A blooming array of sunshine will be thought of when smelling this scent. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

SUNSET: Fruit and floral join together in perfect harmony to form this romantic tropical bouquet! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

SWEET PEA: Sweet pea petals and watery pear entwine with sheer freesia, fresh berry, and soft, delicate musk. (Products: Soap, Clamshell Tarts)

SWEET POTATOES & BROWN SUGAR: Yummy delicious sweet potatoes and brown sugar drizzled with honey. (Products: Soap, Clamshell Tarts)

TAHITIAN ORANGE & MUSK: A delicious and exotic scent created by blending top notes of citrus, rose, lavender, violet, tangerine and middle notes of grapefruit, amber, cashmere, sandalwood. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles)

TANGERINE-N-BERRIES: Juicy Tangerines fresh picked mixed with sun-ripened berries are laced with spices and tangy cranberries. A delicious scent!   (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

TAYBERRY & TEAKWOOD: Creativity and uniqueness at its best! A very complex fragrance combination of base notes of bamboo and teakwood, with middle notes of tayberries, blackberries, mulberries, cloudberries, and peaches, with subtle hints of red clover and sweet grass. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

TRANQUILITY: A delicate fragrance that is relaxing. A powdery base with lavender mixed in. Very mellow scent. Not weak in strength, but mellow. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

TROPICAL GUAVA: Sweet guava fruity aroma. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

TUBEROSE: Tuberose is one of my stronger floral notes. This is a true tuberose that smells just like the flower. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Tea Light Candles, Soap)

VANILLA: An irresistibility warm and comforting vanilla aroma. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

VANILLA BEAN: A warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, rich caramel and soothing cream. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Body Spray)

VANILLA BERRY: This is a gourmet blend of berries and vanilla. Floral fruity and delicious are just some reasons this has been a top seller in all categories for me since 2001.  (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

VANILLA PEAR: A sophisticated blend of French vanilla and juicy sun ripened pears. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

VINEYARD: A true grape scent reminiscent to walking through a vineyard during the harvest season. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Soap)

VIVACIOUS: Golden amber and Egyptian musk intermingled with sparkling citrus, lily of the valley, pink jasmine and warm woods. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap, Body Spritz/Spray)

VOLCANO: Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

WATERMELON: Smells like sweet juicy watermelon. Imagine a vine-ripened watermelon just picked and sliced with juice dripping. This smells just like that. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap) 

WEDDING BOUQUET: A sophisticated and soothing blend of subtle fruits and white floral. This has staying power and has been popular for me. I've carried it since 2001. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Tea Light Candles)

WHIPPED PUMPKIN PIE: Puree of pumpkin sprinkled with spices of ginger and cinnamon. Generously topped with freshly whipped cream and baked to perfection. A favorite holiday tradition! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds)

WHITE GARDENIA FLOWERS: Gorgeous notes of white gardenias are seduced with petals of exotic ylang and lily. The perfect blend of garden beauties. (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Soap)

WHITE ZINFANDEL WINE: The aroma of fruity dry pink wine with undertones of red raspberries, currents, strawberries and rose petals with a light alcoholic background. A wonderful aroma of zinfandel wine. (Products: Clamshell Tarts) 

WILD OAK & ROSE: A blend of true Rose with woodsy under tones. Not a perfume fragrance. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

WILDBERRY SCONE: The aroma of freshly baked English scones with hints of strawberry, coconut, raspberry, and blackberries. (Products: Clamshell Tarts)

WINTER CABIN: A wonderful blend of bayberries and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zests. One of my top winter fragrances and deserves to be. Great scent! (Products: Clamshell Tarts, Shaped Wax Embeds, Tea Light Candles)

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